Yamaha Model UX3 131cm 53" Upright Piano Ebony Polish<p>

The Yamaha U3, YUX, X Uprights (53", 131cm) are hugely responsible for the initial success of Yamaha Pianos in America.

With a HUGE and POWERFULLY even tone from top to bottom,  and an action that nears perfection, the Model U3, YUX, & X are excellent pianos for commercial applications, and professional pianists.

Pro Piano does NOT sell new Yamaha Pianos, but instead relies on a steady supply from Professional Export Associates in Japan... bringing ONLY pianos given ALL A Grading Marks into its strictly regulated inventory.

There are generally Yamaha U3, YUX & X Pianos in stock at the Pro Piano Stores in North America.  

Buyers really need to shop and inspect for all determinations of quality before making a final selection.

All quoted prices include tax when/if appropriate, and will include FREE bench, FREE moving (50 mi radius), FREE on-site tuning (25 mi radius), and a 90 day parts and materials warranty.

Yamaha U3 Pianos rent under the following general price guidelines:

1 Day Rental, with Moving & Tuning Include, (stairs, difficult moving contingencies, off-hours, holidays, etc., incur higher charges,)  $895.95

6 Month Rental Rate       $ 999.95
12 Month Rental Rate      $1399.95

Yamaha Model UX3 131cm 53" Upright Piano Ebony Polish Yamaha UX3, 131cm, 53" UprightRegular price: $7,195.00Sale price: $6,795.00Used: 

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