SOLD SOLD SOLD Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano, Fully Restored

SOLD SOLD SOLD Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano (Fully restored by S&S New York, May 9, 1998 - Certificate of Authenticity on file)


Serial Number 59742, Circa 1885 Mahogany Satin Finish, Matching Artist Bench

This fine Salon Grand Piano dates from the late 19th Century and was fully restored by Steinway & Sons itself.

Its singing and long sustaining tone combines with a consistent and uniformly responsive touch to produce a memorably excellent musical impression.

The level of detail and discernment of said restoration is of course top notch.

The instrument is a beautiful mahogany satin finish, with modern legs and lyre complimenting the graceful lines of a classic Model A.

Still with a nearly perfect set of original ivory key-tops, the other action parts have been completely replaced during the restoration process mentioned earlier.

In an artful display of master craftsmanship, bridges, soundboard, pin block, strings, damper materials, etc., were fully re-manufactured and replaced.

Such a fine instrument will perform for many decades under normal usage and with professionally competent technical maintenance.

This extraordinary Steinway & Sons Model A parlor grand piano is being sold on consignment for $19,999.95, a price about $70K below what S&S now asks for similar products on its 57th Street showroom floors.

Please make an appointment to savor its many merits.

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