SOLD SOLD SOLD Steinway Model K Pianola, 52" Upright Piano  Sn. 142357, ca 1910, with Electrified Player System

SOLD SOLD SOLD From the Golden Era of 2oth Century Steinway Folklore, this Model K "Vertegrand" Pianola is finished in a reddish-brown mahogany, is complete with ivory key-tops, solid spruce soundboard, hard maple bridges, previously re-built action parts, previously replaced strings and pins, and a previously re-built player mechanism that includes an electrified pumping system. Pro Piano has neither documentation nor knowledge of the details of said undertakings.

A routinely functioning piano, this Model K Pianola "Vertegrand," so named for its enormous size and scale, a scale that yields a soundboard whose area in square inches actually surpasses that of many grand piano soundboards, was a trade-in piano that resided in a corner for about 10 years or so. We've never once concerned ourselves with its player mechanism, and only recently when an interested piano technician happened along, did we realize it had been rebuilt, electrified, etc.

Over all, it is a solid piano that happens to be a "player piano"... happens to be a STEINWAY player piano to boot.

Piano rolls like the one currently installed and running on it, are available across the Internet. You may also consult the QRS Catalog that has an extensive collection of old and new music.

The encasement is finished in light, reddish-brown mahogany and is in good, solid condition. Since the piano has been thoroughly rebuilt, one can expect many years of serviceable condition. (We have no documentation on the scope of rebuilding undertaken on either the piano itself or on the player mechanism).

Pro Piano recommends this piano as a sterling candidate for use in a country club, a golf club house, fraternity or sorority house, den, recreation room, bar, night club, or a suitably jovial setting befitting its character.


Height: 52" Width: 63" Depth: 30.5" Weight: Approx. 1000 lbs. Full 88-key, 7 octave keyboard Electrified Player System

For more information on Pianola pianos, please consult The Player Piano Page. For more in-depth history, consult The Pianola Institute.

SOLD SOLD SOLD Steinway Model K Pianola, 52" Upright Piano Sn. 142357, ca 1910, Electrified Player System SOLD SOLD SOLD Steinway & Sons Model K Pianola Sn. 142357Used: 

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