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Ryuichi Sakamoto Film Works is pianist Chitose Okashiro's second album devoted entirely to composer Sakamoto's music.  Her first album, Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works in 2000, contained works from the 1970s and the latter 1990s, and included Sakamoto's student works at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, particularly the legendary experimental work La Dispersion, La Limite, Le Sable.  These remain fresh in our memory not only as an important anthology, but also as a significant series that fills a gap in the history of modern Japanese music. This second Sakamoto-specific album offers a more popularistic view in that it centers on his film music, one of the composer's most important absorptions.  Although Okashiro's first volume included his major hit Tong Poo from the YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) era, and Energy Flow (which was used in a TV commercial), most of those works were from his earlier avant-garde days, and represen "crude" Sakamoto.  It was, as such, a meaningful enterprise, but it threw light on just one phase of Sakamoto who, in spite of his classical background, rejected shutting himself up in "the experimental workshop" of contemporary composers and chose to align himself with the larger world of pop music, where he found the raison d'etre of today's music.  It was inevitable and necessary to step into this area in order to touch the core of Sakamoto's creativity.  Okashiro must have been well aware of this, and it seems she was destined to make such explorations. This new album, thanks to our distinguished pianist, has enabled us to command a bird's-eye view of one of the most versatile artist-composers of the day.  Honor should be due both Okashiro and the producer Ricard de La Rosa.

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