CD Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works CD

Pioneer of techno-pop, Academy Award winning film composer, touring performer - Ryuichi Sakamoto enjoys a diverse career as an artist whose music continually challenges traditional categories.  Pianist Chitose Okashiro, taking risks that not a single "classical pianist" has been willing to take, recognizing the greatness of the classically trained Sakamoto's piano works, and imbuing them with her own brand of explosively talented genius has herewith set the standard for "independent classical label crossover" achievement.  Already a HUGE success in Japan, with sales in excess of 30,000 units, Miss Okashiro herewith reveals the complete arsenal of Sakamoto's prowess... a prowess that lands him in the position (arguably) of the world's most important composer.  Included on this CD are the hugely impressionistic and French like pieces that ONLY a trained classical pianist can play with the simplicity and grace required to foster their most sublime effects.  On the CD are such hits as:  Tong Poo (four hands with J.Y. Song); Bachata; Intermezzo; Sonatine; Chanson; Just for Me (1981)*; Choral No. 1; Choral No. 2; Energy Flow; Opus; Lorenz and Watson (Suites for Piano (1970)*; La Dispersion, La Limite, Le Sable (1976); Grasshoppers (1979); and River (1982)*. Tracks indicated by * were arranged by Yuji Takahashi, himself a vastly famous Japanese musician.  This is a rare (available only from Pro Piano Records) release, that captures the best of both the classical and popular music worlds, with Miss Okashiro turning in yet another sterling and magnificent performance.  Total playing time, 63' 23"

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