The Piano That Started Yamaha's Rise to Fame!!!!!

One Day Rental Yamaha Upright Model U1 121cm 48", Ebony Polish

It's a fact: the Model U1 and its grand piano cousin, the Model C3, forged a path for Yamaha's entry into the upper levels of the international piano market. And, "Why not?"

They are great pianos. They are full of musical value. They are full of mechanical value. They are full of intrinsic monetary value. They are superb musical instruments that meet or exceed the expectations of musicians.

Pro Piano has been renting this type of piano for 40 years... longer than anybody in the industry. Heck, in many ways, Pro Piano started and perfected the independent concert piano rental business... and we still lead the way.

As always, each rental from Pro Piano includes: the piano, on-site tuning, round-trip moving, bench and set-up. (Stairs, steps, high stages, weekends, nights, very early mornings, etc., will incur additional charges.)

Call or eMail for extended rental rates or for delivery to areas other than LA, NY and SF. 800 367 0777 Toll Free Nationwide

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