A Lot of People Think The OLD STEINWAYS Are The BEST Steinways!!<p>
Rent a Vintage New York Steinway Model B-211 (ca 1922) NOW. Then decide for yourself!!!<p>

It's such a legend in the piano business, the New York Steinway Model B-211... so possessed with all the merits one expects from a semi-concert grand piano.

This piano doesn't disappoint.

It's bold, brash and sassy of tone... lithe, responsive and fleet of action... and in every way a courtly musical messenger.

Find out just how marvelous it is to hold the reins of this beauty as she roars and purrs and whines and screams... all in a single piece of expressively written music.

This is the "one and only, The New York Steinway Model B-211," ca 1922... Ebony Satin

As always, each rental from Pro Piano includes: the piano, on-site tuning, round-trip moving, bench and set-up. (This particular vintage Model B-211 resides in New York City, and is therefore unavailable in LA or SF.)

Call or eMail for extended rental rates or for delivery to areas other than LA, NY and SF.

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