One Day Rental Kawai RX-7 or Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Ebony Polish 7' 6"

Manufacturing Excellence Yields Musical Marvels!!!!!!!!

One Day Piano Rental Kawai RX-7 or Yamaha C7 7' 6" Grand Piano Rental

Includes Piano in Polished Ebony Matching Artist Bench, Padded Cover Music Rack On-Site Piano Tuning Round-Trip Piano Moving (Price does not include: stairs, steps, high stages, key-end moves into or out of elevators, difficult moving contingencies of any kind, very early or very late-night delivery, holiday delivery or pick-up)

Piano Rental is What Pro Piano Does Best Since 1969

Published Sale Price and Offer Good Only in San Francisco, and New York Good Only on This Site

Other Locations or Extended Rentals Call 800 367 0777 for Quote NY State Sales Tax Applies

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