One Day Rental Hamburg Steinway Model D-274 9' Concert Grand Piano Ebony Polish

Since 1969, Pro Piano has often recited its smug little saying that pretty much sums it all up: "There's only one piano artists will pay to play: A Hamburg Steinway Model D-274."

Every other instrument one sees on stage, from the boutique presentations of Germany, Austria and Italy, to superbly mass produced beauties of Japan, each and every one is there under one promotional gamut or another... but almost NEVER does an artist really pay to use such a piano.

There's something magical about a Hamburg Steinway Model D-274... magic that transports pianists to an ethereal realm where only their minds and ears, coupled of course with their fingers, delve into the depths of musical mastery, creativity and genius in proclamation of the soul’s whimsical utterances.

Each Hamburg Steinway Model D-274 comes with on-site piano tuning, round-trip moving (stairs, steps, other difficult moving contingencies, etc., levied additional charges) artist bench, music rack, set-up, padded cover, etc.

There's no reason why a gifted pianist should settle for anything less. Pro Piano has the goods... Pro Piano has the expertise... Pro Piano has the track record... PRO PIANO HAS YOUR HAMBURG STEINWAY MODEL D-274.

Piano tuning-technical “stand-by” services readily available in all markets.

You really should join the many international record companies, record producers, orchestras and performing arts organizations that rely upon Pro Piano for the truly excellent Hamburg Steinway Model D-274 concert grand piano provision.

You’ll cherish the memories for a lifetime!!!

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