Model I Steinway Upright Ebony Satin Sn 149576 ca. 1911

SOLD SOLD SOLD The ultimate upright piano… when one wants firepower, oomph, vigor, unheralded muscle and penetrating projection across the biggest room. (Though you probably don’t know it, you’ve seen this piano on Saturday Night Live once or twice.)

This big ol’ Model I is ideal for tack piano applications, honky-tonk players, for laying down tracks in the studio at midnight, for saloons that need a smoke-filled-room type piano, green rooms, orchestral piano uses, for R n’ B players, stride pianists, barrel-house ribaldry, smash mouth Rock n’ Rollers, etc. Heck, Country n’ Western bands could go crazy with this one… and the memory of Chicago blues man Sunnyland Slim notwithstanding, Boogie Woogie players must have a piano likes this. Roll over Beethoven, indeed!

Sure, it is also capable of playing classical music, jazz, church music, new age music, etc. However, it is ideally suited in a situation where feisty presence takes merit over subtlety.

Not too many years ago, the piano got all new action parts (dampers, hammers, shanks flanges, whipens, key bushings, balance and front rail punchings, etc.,) and it’s therefore worthy of routine maintenance for many years to come.

Naturally, a piano of this age with original strings, pins, bridges and soundboard, ivory key tops, etc., has a few “questionable points of valor” to disclose. Yet, it is a very apt candidate for all the piano uses mentioned above… and one will not “wear it out” in the process. After all, a piano like this has already deteriorated as much as it’s going to deteriorate in a practical sense of the word. It holds a tuning like a rock… projects like a lightning rod, and emotes passionate musical discourse naturally.... as was intended.

Don’t nitpick about this and that… the piano is ready… it is ready for you… it is ready for you NOW… it is YOUR PIANO! You have dreamed of a powerful, musical-pronouncement machine… don’t waste time.

Oh and PS: It’s got a fresh, ebony, semi-gloss lacquer finish… a Props Department Finish… meaning from a distance of 3 to 5 ‘ it looks fantastic.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO LIVE THE LUSH LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Semi-interesting technical stuff (some of which is relevant):

Dimensions Height 54"

Width 62 1/2" Depth 27 3/4" Net Weight 750 pounds (273 kg)

Encasement Furniture Satin-Ebony, Prop Shop Finish Perfect from 3-5’ or more Panel Stock Mahogany Veneers Solids Birch, Mahogany, Walnut Legs Solid Mahogany Finish Heavy full-bodied semi-gloss black; "Props Room Finish" Hardware Original Solid Steel Casters, Solid Brass Hinges

Model I Steinway Upright Ebony Satin Sn 149576, ca. 1911, 54" SOLD SOLD SOLD 149576Regular price: $6,995.00Sale price: $3,195.00Used: 

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