Sr. Lanzani Deceased!!!!   Now EXTREMELY RARE Model 112 Linea Ergonomica<p>
Pro Piano Artist Bench - Ebony Polish<p>
Spade Legs - Leather Top w. Red Piping<p>
Comfortable - Safe - Stylish<p>

In addition to being ERGONOMICALLY SAFE, the Collezione Lanzani Model 112 Lux Pro Piano Artist Bench is a significant entry into the North American market because it is 1.) Durable; 2.) Quiet; 3.) Attractive; 4.) Easily Repaired; and 5.) Intelligently Designed. Pro Piano is the exclusive North American distributor of Collezione Lanzani benches. While we generally stock only their most traditional artist benches (leather tops, spade legs, ebony polish or walnut satin, and an ebony polish with red-trim (VERY STYLISH... as used by Maurizio Pollini,) there is a complete assortment of benches available by special order. Ask for a catalogue (PDF File,) and allow a minimum of 30 days for special delivery at prices roughly 33% higher than listed herewith. Upright benches are of course less expensive.) If you are an institution who has tired of repairing your very poorly designed American, European and Asian benches, those traditionally found on US stages, LANZANI Lux PRO PIANO MODEL 112 is the answer to your problems. They are constructed of hardwood ONLY in all the major joint areas, and are therefore easily maintained by woodworkers or carpenters. Lanzani benches are quiet and rigid... the two most important traits required to be considered a GREAT ARTIST BENCH... and the two traits completely lacking in the previously mentioned competition's benches. In fact, Pro Piano no longer uses anything but the Lanzani Pro Piano Model 112 Artist Bench and another Pro Piano exclusive, the Hostra Artist Bench in any of its grand piano applications. Shipping anyplace in the US by UPS Ground should not run much more than $40.00. Canadian shipping will be slightly higher. Sales tax applies in NY State only.

SR. LANZANI DECEASED!!! RARE Lanzani Model 112 Linea Ergonomica Pro Piano Artist Bench (Ebony Polish, Spade Legs) Lanzani Model 112 Linea Ergonomica Pro Piano Artist BenchRegular price: $1,295.00Sale price: $1,294.99LIMITED: 

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