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Pro Piano New York
(Correspondence Only)
23 Adams Lane
Pound Ridge, NY 10576
(212) 206-8794 Phone
(914) 764-5015 (Unattended Fax, Call First)
(800) 367-0777 (Bounces to President, RDLR)
(By Appointment Only)
New York Warehouse
Long Island City, New York

Pro Piano San Francisco
760 Tennessee St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(By Appointment Only)
(415) 641-1210 Phone (bounces to President, RDLR)
(415) 641-1875 (Unattended Fax, Call First)
(800) 367-0777 (Bounces to President, RDLR)

Pro Piano Los Angeles
Warehouse Only (Not Open to Public)
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 474-2216 Phone (bounces to President, RDLR)
(914) 764-5015 (Unattended Fax, Call First)
(800) 367-0777 (bounces to President, RDLR)

National Toll Free Number: See Individual offices or call New York (800) -367-0777) for most General Information Requests. (bounces to President, RDLR)

Shipping and Return Policies

What is your Shipping Policy?

We offer free same day shipping for all of our CD's to addresses in the contiguous 48 United States. There is a 50% fuel, service, and handling charge to other locations worldwide. NY State residents add 8.375% sales tax to ALL transactions delivered within NY State from the Pro Piano New York Office. California State residents will pay prevailing state & local sales taxes on ALL transactions delivered within California State from either the San Francisco or Los Angeles offices. We ship via UPS Ground or USPS First Class Mail. Some 'special offers' may state diverse shipping policies. Each 'special offer' will supercede all previously posted policies.

Shipping for our pianos will be on a 'case by case' basis. Within 25 miles of any of our offices (New York, LA, San Franciso, Tokyo) delivery will be free. Stairs, difficult terrain, impossible hours, holidays, high stages, etc. often result in slightly higher prices. All parties simply need to discuss the factual details of each job before arriving at a final price.

Our purpose is to sell and rent merchandise, so it is in our best interest not to discourage sales or rentals with high delivery fees. In no instance will Pro Piano be responsible for any prevailing import or custom charges, or other taxes levied outside its principal place of business.

What is your Return Policy?

100% Return Rights for Defective CD's ONLY...All other sales final.

Since Pro Piano deals with 'one of a kind musical instruments' that have unique and specific characteristics of sound, timbre, touch, appearance, and overall musical quality, buyers should themselves inspect an instrument and/or hire a professional or reliably friendly advisor to pass judgement on all musical instruments before purchase. PRO PIANO DOES NOT SELL NEW PIANOS OR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ALL INSTRUMENTS ARE RENTAL INSTRUMENTS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.

Musical instruments, especially fine (artist quality) pianos are extremely diverse in merit...and in musical quality. Since Pro Piano deals principally with artists and professionals, the general quality level is exceedingly high. That does not mean that buyers should buy with their eyes closed, however. Each instrument (excluding one on consignment and/or "trade-in,") from Pro Piano is warranted under a 90 day materials replacement policy. In addition, President, RDLR, has been a Registered Technician Member (originally categorized "Craftsman Member", but said category has been eliminated by the "governing body,") of the Piano Technicians Guild, since 1974. Hey! That's 41 years!! Wow!!!!

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