"Though nothing is forever, Hostra lasts a Lifetime!"

Though nothing is forever, "Hostra Lasts a Lifetime." If you're sick of replacing your expensive artist benches every year so, this is the artist bench for you. In North America, available Exclusively From Pro Piano. The FULLY ADJUSTABLE Hostra Artist Bench is UNIQUE in that it is ABSOLUTELY SILENT and ABSOLUTELY RIGID… and is therefore the ONLY ARTIST BENCH used by Pro Piano Records… during ultra demanding recording sessions.  It is THE BEST artist bench when silence, stability, durability, and permanence are the chief factors of concern.

The Hostra Artist Bench is ideal  for schools, music academies, concert halls and piano bars. The height can easily adjust from 44 cm to 56 cm. The top size is 55 cm x 34 cm. It is stocked only in genuine leather, in the color black.  

(Simulated-leather (vinyl) and assorted colors are available by special prepayment, at the price of  $625.00 USD. Delivery time about 1 month, minimum.  The metal rack (leg mechanism) is available in black, and by special order, chromium-plated, gilded, or color ranges of more than 20 different colors.)

Professionally, the most commonly used Hostra Artist bench comes with a black rack and Genuine Leather Top.

Colors:  Black with Leather Top Available NOW.

By special order: Brownish Brown; Reddish Brown; White; Chromium Plate, in vinyl or leather.

Hostra Artist Bench Hostra Artist Bench LeatherRegular price: $695.00Sale price: $595.00

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