Hamburg Seinway Model D-274 9' Concert Grand Piano Ebony Polish<p>
Great Recording Instrument -  The KING of Pianos!<p>

Hamburg Steinway Model D-274, (0310- Located in New York City) (8' 10 1/2" 274cm) Concert Grand Piano. Ebony Polish (Polyester) Brass Hardware, Brass Key & Lock, Red Plate Trim, Massive dual-wheel brass casters (2 locking,) music rack, leather artist bench, padded cover, free moving (within 100 mile radius of Pro Piano purchasing site,) free tuning, on site regulation and voicing. This is basically the TOP PIANO IN THE WORLD... the one that artists will pay to play. The one that has a TRUE intrinsic market value... below which one can not generally be purchased. (This IMV is UNIQUE in all the piano industry... and is basically a fact only when referencing the Hamburg Steinway Model D-274. "The price is the price.") Actually, D 0720 represents but one of nine to fourteen (9-14) Hamburg Steinway Model D-274s in our inventory. They range in age from 5 years to a little more than 5 months (2002 all the way to 2009). This Model D-274 is a serious concert piano, used sparingly by the major artists of the world for recording, recitals, orchestral and chamber engagements, etc.

Hamburg Steinway Model D-274 9' Concert Grand Piano Ebony Polish Hamburg Steinway D-274 # 0310Concert Grand $129,995.00Used: 

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