Hamburg Steinway Model B-211 7' Grand Piano Ebony Polish (2003)

Hamburg Steinway Model B-211 (2003) (6' 10-1/2" 211cm) Ebony High Polish, Polyester, Brass Hardware, Brass Lock & Key, Red Plate Trim, Artist Bench, and Music Rack.

A Model B-211 is a REAL, FULL FLEDGED semi-concert grand, principally. Here is "the studio grand piano" that is established as "Number One Recording Studio Instrument" of choice throughout the world of pop, gospel, classical, jazz, and country-western music.

It's likely that in numerous occasions around the planet, at this very moment, a Steinway B-211 is "laying down tracks" on a hit record that may well go on to be an all time standard... the way countless others have before it. (Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man? There's a great-recorded Steinway B-211 sound.)

Large enough to have all the bass response needed for discerning musicians and professional venues, yet small enough to accommodate slightly smaller rooms and spaces, the Hamburg Steinway B-211 is perhaps the standard by which all other pianos' versatility and all-round musical merits are judged.

Reasonably priced moving will be arranged, and as always, moving is free within 25 mile radius of the Pro Piano purchasing location in New York (of course, stairs, or other difficult moving contingencies will be levied prevailing prices). Artist bench, music rack, brass lock and key, operating manual, etc., are included free, as are on-site tuning and voicing... and the Pro Piano "mystique" that all accompany this investment for the ages.

If you've been waiting for a once in a lifetime opportunity to find a "jewel" of a Hamburg Steinway Model B-211, this is probably it.

Located in New York City.

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