Upright Piano Yamaha Model U1 121cm 48" Upright Piano

Prices start at $4395 on Yamaha U1 Uprights(48", 121cm) that probably had more to do with the initial success of Yamaha Pianos in America than did any single model, with the possible exception of the C3... its grand piano "cousin."

with an extremely even tone from top to bottom, really powerful fundamental chromatic resonance, and an action that nears perfection, the Model U1 is an excellent piano for students, commercial applications, and professional pianists.

Pro Piano does NOT sell new Yamaha Pianos, but instead relies on a steady supply from Professional Export Associates in Japan... bringing ONLY pianos given ALL A Grading Marks its strictly regulated inventory.

There are MANY Yamaha U1 Pianos in stock at the Pro Piano Stores in North America.  However, there will be AT LEAST one model available at the price herewith quoted.

Beyond that unit, prices will vary... most more expensive... sometimes one or two less expensive.

Buyers really need to shop and inspect for all determinations of quality before making a final selection.

All final prices will be taxable when/if appropriate, and will include bench, 25 mile radius moving, on-site tuning, and a 90 day parts and materials warranty.

Yamaha U1 Pianos rent under the following general price guidelines:

1 Day Rental, with Moving & Tuning Included  $515.27

6 Month Rental Rate       $ 753.42
12 Month Rental Rate      $1077.08

Upright Piano Yamaha Model U1 121cm 48" Upright Piano Yamaha U1 48" Upright Piano$4,395.00Used: 

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