Classical Music CD Liszt & Busoni

J.Y. Song, Piano  (PPR224527)
Liszt & Busoni
Franz Liszt (1811-1886) & Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)
[Liszt] Totentanz (Danse Macabre)
[Busoni] Ten Variations on a prelude by Chopin
[Busoni] Fantasia nach J.S. Bach in memory of his father Ferdinando Busoni
[Busoni] Berceuse (Elegy No. 7)
[Liszt] La Lugubre Gondola II

[Liszt] Totentanz (Danse Macabre)

New Release…PPR 224527, J.Y. Song, Piano
Liszt & Busoni
"…and that is death"

Liszt Totentanx (Danse Macabre)
Busoni Ten Variations on a Prelude by Chopin
Busoni Fantasia nach J.S. Bach
Busoni Berceuse (Elegy No. 7)
Liszt La Lugubre Gondola II

Here is a recording conceived, realized and crafted by the artist herself. The graphics, the liner notes, the design, the repertoire (record's concept,) the title ("and that is death…") from the poem by Emily Dickinson…even the color of the paper used in printing the cover, all were greatly dictated by J.Y. Song.

It is no wonder that this fabulously talented pianist and intellect would direct and control so many aspects of the project…perhaps the first project in which she has glimpsed the overall power of her creative abilities, and in which she harnessed the production factors to bring said talents to their zenith.

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j.y. Song  (Biography)

Since her nomination as 1994 Pro Piano Artist of the Year and her Alice Tully Hall recital debut in 1996, J.Y. Song has established herself as a musician with broad and idiosyncratic musical tastes.  Hailing her as a "world-class artist," New York critic Harris Goldsmith has noted her "truly astounding technical and imaginative resources," and has described her performances as "tigerishly intense" and "exquisite."

In addition to her probing interpretations of traditional repertoire, J.Y. Song has received critical acclaim for her performances of twentieth-century music, and has established a large following among audiences at contemporary music festivals.  Her recordings on the Pro Piano label, which have received rave reviews in international publications, include twentieth-century masterpieces by Debussy, Bartók, and the young Argentinean composer, Ezequiel Viñao.  Billboard described the complete set of Debussy Etudes as a "gem," and In Tune remarked "besides sheer technique, Song displays magnificent intellect in all her mood painting."  The Debussy Etudes recording was a "Desert Island Selection" in Gramophone Magazine's International Piano Quarterly..


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