Classical Music CD Felix Mendelssohn

Esther Budiardjo, Piano (PPR224524)
Total Playing Time 64' 58"
Mendelssohn: Fantasy on "The Last Rose of Summer"

Felix Mendelssohn held his listeners spellbound when he performed at the piano.  Brahm's friend, the celebrated violinist Joseph Joachim, marveled at the way Mendelssohn could electrify the music from the first note he played.  Veteran British pianist Charles Salaman observed that "his fingers sang as they rippled over the keyboard."  Another Englishman, John Edmund Cox, remarked that he played with "an élan which almost took away one's breath.  Not a single note was slurred, notwithstanding the stupendous difficulties of passage after passage."  Clara Schumann considered him greatest pianist of the age.

In an era of exhibitionists and thunderers, Mendelssohn dedicated himself to preserving the highest ideals of the pianist's art.  His playing was free, spirited, pure, and accurate, with perfect ar6ticulation, elegant delivery, and dazzling technique.  But display was not his goal.  He abhorred the empty virtuosity then rampant on the concert stage, and instead, mined the essence of the music her performed.  As the poet Goethe pointed out, Mendelssohn’s chief excellence lay in his giving every piece, from baroque to contemporary, its own distinctive character.  

From the Original Liner Notes of Kathy Hinkel

Esther Budiardjo, Pianist   BIOGRAPHY

Pianist Esther Budiardjo has received considerable acclaim from many of America's most respected music critics.  Richard Dyer of The Boston Globe, who selected her Boston debut recital as "The Best of 1997" wrote, "Her playing summoned laughter and tears; made the mind work, the spirit soar." Of Miss Budiardjo’s New York debut performance in Lincoln Center, Harris Goldsmith of American Record Guide noted, "Her masterly account had a mature grandeur that placed it on the level of some of the greatest pianists in memory." In addition to winning first prize at the 1996 William Kapell International Piano Competition in Maryland, she was awarded top prizes at the 1993 Stravinsky Awards International Piano Competition in Illinois, and both the 1998 and the 2000 Palm Beach Invitational International Piano Competition in Florida.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Miss Budiardjo now resides in the Boston area, where she is currently completing her Doctoral works at the New England Conservatory of Music.  There she also received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees with Distinction in Performance as well as the Presidential Scholar Award.  Her principal teachers have been Wha Kyung Byun, Russell Sherman and Lev Vlasenko.  In October 1999, Miss Budiardjo became a United States citizen.


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