Classical Music CD  Heino Eller Preludes

Vardo Rumessen, Piano
Heino Eller: Complete Preludes

PPR224520, Total Playing Time 71’ 29”

7 Preludes Book I
B Minor (1914), F-sharp Minor (1914)
B-flat Minor (1915), C-sharp Minor (1915)
C-sharp Minor (1916), E Major (1917)
D Minor (1917)

7 Preludes Book II (1920)
A Minor, F-sharp Major
C-sharp Minor, G-flat Major
B Major, D-flat Major, G Minor

4 Preludes Book III
E-flat Minor (1921), B Minor (1921)
E-flat Minor (1925), C-sharp Minor (1932)

5 Preludes
E-flat Minor (1929), B-flat Minor (1929)
C Major (1929), B-flat Minor (1930), G Minor (1937)

5 Preludes (1934)
B Minor, A Major, C-sharp Minor
B Major, C-sharp Minor

Prelude in D-flat Major

Eller: Preludes Book I (C-sharp

Vardo Rumessen is a hero amongst those fascinated by Estonian concert music. He gave the US premiere of Tubin's Piano Concertino in 1993 and has also performed, in concert, works by Tobias and Tubin. BIS have his 3CD set of the complete piano music of Eduard Tubin in their catalogue.
Rumessen knows the Eller Preludes from the inside. This is no exclusive recording project for him. His belief in the music suffuses his playing and he draws on deep wells of warmth as well as potency of technique. He performed the Preludes in concert in 1987 and it is also worth noting that he has given concert recitals of the complete Tubin piano music and piano pieces by Saar (1982) and the complete fifteen Etudes-Tableaux of Rachmaninov (1980). Given his approach to the Eller I suspect that his performance of the Rachmaninov cycle would be a force to reckon with if only a recording existed.
The pianist is also active as a publisher having personally published Estonian music by Saar, Tobias, Kapp, Oja and Eller. Rumessen it was who realized Rudolf Tobias's oratorio Jonah's Mission. He has also written extensively on the Estonian composers mentioned above. It is therefore no surprise to find that the notes (English only) are by Rumessen and we are the beneficiaries of his in-depth knowledge of his subject.
Eller's Preludes are presented in Five sets and an isolated single florid Prelude in D flat major (dedicated by Rumessen to Scriabin's memory).
This is the world premiere recording of the Preludes.
Rob Barnett "Musicweb (UK)"


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