Classical Music CD Brahms Snta & Handel Var.

Anton Kuerti, concert pianist, naturalist, pacifist and wilderness trekker is among the most famous pianists in the world.  For nearly 40 years he has toured the globe, bringing musical enlightenment to music lovers.For many years, Brahms actually earned his living as a pianist.  Therefore it is not surprising that works for solo piano constitute the bulk of his early compositions.  His Op. No. 3 was written after meeting and befriending Clara and Robert Schumann (themselves pianists of historic consequence,) and is arguably one of the most important piano sonatas ever written... in the unusual five movement design.With complete arsenal of rhythmic, melodic and textural contrasts, Brahms forges a masterpiece of endless variety and interest.It was to be his final piano sonata... after which he concentrated on variations for solo and duo piano... the form at which Brahms is KING.Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24, finished in 1861, ranks amongst the greatest of all keyboard variations.  In it, the piano's capacity to create "colors" is explored and transversed thoroughly.Brahm's inspiration came from Handel's Suites de pieces de clavecin (1733.)    From Handel's own 5 variations, Brahms created 25.herewith contained are languorous beauties, chromatic intricacies, colorful prisms, metaphorical curiosities, and pianistic dazzlements aplenty. Anton Kuerti, PianoJohannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)Sonata No.3 in F Minor, Opus 5· Allegro maestoso· Andante· Scherzo· Intermezzo· FinaleVariations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Opus 24· Aria· Variation I - XXV· Fugue Sonata No.3 in F Minor, Opus 5, Finale


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