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54 Minutes from Viñao (Trio)(PPR224511)J.Y. Song (piano), Mark Steinberg (violin), Maria Kitsopoulos (cello)Études, TrioEtudesThe most significant characteristic of the etude as a form has been the structuring of the musical discourse around a specific instrumental challenge.  In the better realized examples  this generative process served as much as preparatory purposes as it was an artistic decision in its own right,  But in the late twentieth century music has become so conceptually demanding that it is increasingly necessary to expand the notion of mechanical difficulty to include, for example, the metric and rhythmic problems that proliferate in recent scores;  in fact, to prepare an artist’s mind as well as his fingers.  It is also true that the difficulties to be surmounted in these Etudes are   to a great extent, a reflection of musical – rather than instrumental – concerns particular to my syntax.  These are compositional studies that look for effective ways to articulate complex harmonic structures that can support advanced rhythmic development without rendering it incomprehensible in the process.,TrioAs is generally accepted, a work of art encloses a great number of possible understandings or readings.  A section in a given musical work implies a series of meanings that expand with every new hearing in direct proportion to the level of ambiguity inherent in its materials.,  This capability for reinterpretation, the very core of lasting aesthetic value, although inevitable, can also be intentional, and therefore become a major structural issue.  This explicitness would be a function, and could be argued, a natural consequ8ence, of the absence of univocal frame of reference as is the case once harmonic progressions become harmonic successions (that is to say neither confirming nor contradicting a tonality.)Ezequiel VińaoEzequiel Viñao (1960 - ) from Études, Book I, for solo Piano (1993)No.3 "in trills"No.1 "in polyrythms"No.2 "in repeated notes"No.5 "in endurance"Ezequiel Viñao (1960 - ) Trio for piano, violin and cello (1995)Souple-Con fuocoLentoVivoLento-Tempo ITranquilloVivo-Sostenuto-EstaticoPiu lento che la prima volta-Grandioso-Grave Viñao (Trio for piano, violin and cello): VivoBIOGRAPHY Ezequiel Viñao was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960. At age 20, encouraged by the legendary American pianist Earl Wild, and through the auspices of the United Nations, he moved to New York City where he still lives. At the time, in addition to his activities as a concert pianist, Viñao immersed himself in the task of blending the classical instrumental tradition with computer generated sound worlds.


CD Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works CD
CD Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works CD

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