Classical Music CD Scriabin Etudes Complete

Scriabin Etudes Complete (World's ONLY such COMPLETE compilation on CD.)  Chitose Okashiro Pianist.

Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Scriabin: Etudes Complete

Op.2 No.1 in C-sharp Minor (Andante)
Op.8 No.1 in C-sharp Major (Allegro)
Op.8 No.2 in F-sharp Minor (A capriccio, con forza)
Op.8 No.3 in B Minor (Tempestoso)
Op.8 No.4 in B Major (Piacevole)
Op.8 No.5 in E Major (Brioso)
Op.8 No.6 in A Major (Con grazia)
Op.8 No.7 in B-flat Minor (Presto tenebroso, agitato)
Op.8 No.8 in A-flat Major (Lento)
Op.8 No.9 in G-sharp Minor (Alla ballata)
Op.8 No.10 in D-flat Major (Allegro)
Op.8 No.11 in B-flat Minor (Andante cantabile)
Op.8 No.12 in D-sharp Minor (Patetico)
Op.42 No.1 in D-flat Major (Presto)
Op.42 No.2 in F-sharp Minor
Op.42 No.3 in F-sharp Major (Prestissimo)
Op.42 No.4 in F-sharp Major (Andante)
Op.42 No.5 in C-sharp Minor (Affannato)
Op.42 No.6 in D-flat Major (Esaltato)
Op.42 No.7 in F Minor (Agitato)
Op.42 No.8 in E-flat Major (Allegro)
Op.49 No.1
Op.56 No.4 (Presto)
Op.65 No.1 (Allegro fantastico)
Op.65 No.2 (Allegretto)
Op.65 No.3 (Molto vivace)

Total Playing Time 64' 24"

One of the most progressive composers in Russia in the early years of the 20th Century, Alexander Scriabin was born in Moscow of an aristocratic family.

Here, every imagineable combination of dexterity, virtuosity, metaphysical intrigue, colorful display and artistic genius are set forth for the listener.

Miss Okashiro is arguably "Scriabin's Greatest Interpreter," and it is doubtful that listeners or critics will ever find a more polished and astounding recording of these works.

The musical treatise contained herewith has earned for Miss Okashiro comparisons to Sofrinitsky, Ashkenazy and HOROWITZ.  Nothing about her humble and gentle nature can prepare listeners for Chitose Okashiro's dynamic and exuberant pronouncements full of explosive animalistic powers.

Not enjoying this CD is akin to disliking sunset, sunrise, lightening, thunderstorms, fireworks, rainbows and/or love making.


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