Classical Music CD Debussy & Bartok

Pianist J.Y. Song is a brilliant, multi lingual pianist, scientist and humanist.  She was named Pro Piano Artist of the Year for 1994... and has continued a stellar recording career with Pro Piano Records since that time.  This release includes the Bartok Improvisations on  Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op. 20, and is famous for the Debussy 12 Etudes which Gramophone Magazine named its "Desert Island Selection" in 1995.  J.Y. Song hails from Taiwan... with educational and cultural stops in Switzerland and The United States.  She is much sought after as a "thinking pianist" both in recital, chamber music and concerto work around the world.  Her greatest attributes come through clearly on this recording... displaying a wit and intellectual capacity that exceed normal human limits, and the musical and digital dexterity to convince without overwhelming.  This J.Y. Song work with Debussy and Bartok was her first recording... but was only the first (if extremely lofty) step to the upper echelons of piano hierarchy.   A great CD from a great pianist... and a great woman.


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