Piano Tuning with Routine Check-Up & Written Sumation

If desired, price can include a Piano Tuning & Routine Check-Up With Written Summation!

Whether for a grand or an upright, Pro Piano Technical Service can work wonders.

A standard piano tuning service-call includes free pitch-raise (when needed,) to a concert pitch not lower than A-440hz, subsequent full tuning, AND if you wish to have a written report, Pro Piano will issue a follow-up certified appraisal and "scope of recommended services" specifically for your piano. In the case of a "pitch raise," it is strongly recommended that we re-tune your piano within a month or so.

Since 1969, Pro Piano has provided concert and home tuning, regulating, and voicing services to many of the world's greatest artists. Coast to coast, conservatory students, serious amateurs, semi-professionals, beginners, etc., all are welcome and invited to partake of our services.

Call 800 367 0777 for more details or eMail us quotation@propiano.com

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