Official Written Piano Appraisal and Testimony to Your Piano's Value

A Pro Piano Concert Technician will visit your home or facility, and will tune your piano to concert standards. Shortly thereafter, via eMail or Snail Mail, you will receive a written summation that will indicate your piano's current condition, and its current value. In addition, the written summation will make note of improvements or procedures required to optimize your piano's value, what said improvements or procedures will cost, and what the market value of your piano will be after said improvements and procedures are undertaken. (Sales Tax Added to NY State Jobs.)

The purpose of "piano tuning" is to allow the Pro Piano Concert Technician complete and thorough understanding and familiarity with your piano's action, strings, pins, pin block, soundboard, bridges, keys, and other critical components. Available in all markets. 800 367 0777 for discussion or eMail with additional information, details or question.

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