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Kawai US8-X  Super Professional UprightProfessional pianists demand exceptional performance.  It was this requirement that inspired the USX Series Professional Upright Pianos from Kawai.  The USX Series is an extraordinary line of fine instruments designed to provide the highest level to quality and long-term performance available in an upright piano.Not the result of mere assembly, every element of a USX Series piano is crafted with meticulous skill and care.  Kawai artisans begin with the finest materials and create each instrument with a harmonious blend of advanced technology and old-world craftsmanship.  The result embodies the passionate quest for excellence that has characterized three generations of Kawai family leadership.The USX Series pianos are engineered for superb tone, ultra-responsive touch and extraordinary performance over years of rigorous use.  We invite you to play a USX Series Professional Upright and see why leading performers, educators and institutions have made Kawai the professional's choice. Featuring: · "Soft Fall" Fallboard · Hard Finish "Grand" Music Rack · True Sostenuto Pedal · Solid Brass Casters · Full Duplex Scale · Agraffes · Tone Release Ports · NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces · Mahogany Hammer Mouldings · Tone Moderator · Weighted and Balanced Keys · Cast Brass Pedals · Height Adjustable Bench  SPECIFICATIONSHeight:   Width:Depth:Weight:Soundboard Material:Soundboard Area:Soundboard Ribs:Pinblock Material:Tuning Pins:#1 String Length:Back Posts:Lock:     52"     60 1/2"     25 3/4"     561 lbs.     Solid Spruce     2,372 sq. in.     11     Hard Maple     Nickel Plated     49 1/2"    4    YesAbove Taken With Appreciation From Kawai US Web PageGenerally SEVERAL similar pianos in stock... aged from a few months to a few years... try them... then take your pick.  Technically we do NOT sell new pianos.  However, unless we make the point, you would probably never know the difference.  The pianos are often perfect… and/or in showroom condition.Regardless, all musical instruments should be inspected, played, and chosen carefully for appeal in touch, tone, color, responsiveness, dynamic response, etc.  If you cannot come yourself, hire a qualified technician (Registered Craftsman Member of The Piano Technician’s Guild,) to do the inspection and approval for you.1 Day Rental, with moving & tuning   $378.88Lower Prices per week, month & yeardirect-sales@propiano.com for quoteRental Rates (do not include stairs or other difficult conditions... without full disclosure and agreement by both parties)

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