Grand Piano Kawai RX-5

For Quotations on New Kawai Pianos for SALE, for location, name and number of nearest Kawai New piano Dealer, please contact the following:
Kawai America
Kawai America Corporation
P.O. Box 9045
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90224-9045
Phone: 800-421-2177
Phone: 310-631-1771
Fax:   310-604-6913

The Kawai 6'6" RX-5 Artist Grand has the statuesque presence and resonant power to grace a recital hall... yet not overpower the more intimate musical ambiance of your home or studio.

This versatility is enhanced by a wonderfully responsive touch which will satisfy the artistic needs of any player... from the diligent learner to the demanding professional.

For optimum tone, touch and beauty in any setting... the RX-5 is an ideal choice.

AVAILABLE FINISHES  Ebony Polish      
 Ebony Satin      
Length 6'6"      
Width 60"      
Height 40"      
Weight 742 lbs.      
Material Spruce      
Structure Solid      
Size 2186 sq. in.      
Material Spruce      
Number 13      
Number 4      
Structure Laminated      
Moldings Mahogany      
Shanks Hornbeam      
White Key Surfaces NEOTEX      
Black Key Surfaces NEOTEX      
Key Material Spruce      
Music Rack Hard Finish      
Fallboard Soft Fall      
Scale Full Duplex      
Casters Solid Brass      

"At Kawai, the quest for perfection is not just an ideal...but a duty."

These words describe a philosophy which spans three generations - a singular commitment which has made Kawai a world leader in the art of piano making. It is this continual pursuit of excellence... the endless quest to perfect the art of the piano... that inspired the creation of the RX Series Grand Pianos.

The RX Series is a unified line of superb instruments offering one consistent level of exceptional grand piano performance. Each RX Grand is the result of uncompromising craftsmanship, honed by generations of experience and refinement. Collectively, they represent a world-class selection of models offering a lifetime of musical joy and pleasure.

Quoted From Kawai US Web Page

Generally SEVERAL in stock... aged from a few months to a few years... try them... then take your pick.

1 Day Rental, with moving & tuning   $541.25
Lower Prices per week, month & year for quote

Rental Rates (do not include stairs or other difficult conditions... without full disclosure and agreement by both parties)

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