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J.Y. Song, Piano
Debussy: 12 Etudes (PPR 224503)
Bartók: Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op.20

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Twelve Etudes for Piano, Book I & II
Book I
· Pour les "cinq doigts" d'après Monsieur Czerny (For Five Fingers)
· Pour les tierces (Thirds)
· Pour les quartes (Fourths)
· Pour les sixtes (Sixths)
· Pour les octaves (Octaves)
· Pour les huit doigts (For Eight Fingers)
Book II
· Pour les degrés chromatiques (Chromatic Steps)
· Pour les agréments (Ornaments)
· Pour les notes répétées (Repeated Notes)
· Pour les sonorités opposées (Opposed Sonorities)
· Pour les arpèges composés (Composite Arpeggios)
· Pour les acords (Chords)

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op.20
· Molto moderato
· Molto capriccioso
· Lento, rubato
· Allegretto scherzando
· Allegro molto
· Allegro moderato, molto caproccioso
· Sostenuto, rubato
· Allegro

54 Minutes from Viñao (Trio)
J.Y. Song (piano), Mark Steinberg (violin), Maria Kitsopoulos (cello)
Études, Trio

Ezequiel Viñao (1960 - ) from Études, Book I, for solo Piano (1993)  (PPR 224511)
No.3 "in trills"
No.1 "in polyrythms"
No.2 "in repeated notes"
No.5 "in endurance"

Ezequiel Viñao (1960 - ) Trio for piano, violin and cello (1995)
Souple-Con fuoco
Lento-Tempo I
Piu lento che la prima volta-Grandioso-Grave

Liszt & Busoni  (PPR 224527)
Franz Liszt (1811-1886) & Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)
[Liszt] Totentanz (Danse Macabre)
[Busoni] Ten Variations on a prelude by Chopin
[Busoni] Fantasia nach J.S. Bach in memory of his father Ferdinando Busoni
[Busoni] Berceuse (Elegy No. 7)
[Liszt] La Lugubre Gondola II

J. Y. Song, Piano
Jiang Wen-Ye Piano Works in Japan
(PPR 224528)
Maggio Suite
1. Supperisco
2. A Mezzanotte
3. A Mezzogiorno
4. One Versus Six, Op.12 - Ballet Music for Takaya Eguchi
5. A Puppet Theatre

Five Sketches, Op.4
6. The One Legged Scarecrow in the Mount Field
7. In the Fields behind the House
8. Round the Camp Fire We Dance
9. In the Sidestreets
10. Full Sail

11. Formosan Dance, Op.1

Three Dances, Op.7
12. Allegro ritmico
13. Allegro scherzando
14. Allegro moderato

Bagatelles, Op.8
15. Green Leaves Young Leaves
18. Charamela
21. Epitaph, to my Young Brother
23. I Remember...
25. Erhu
29. Pipa
30. Peking Gate

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