Grand Piano Move Within The Neighborhood

Pro Piano Movers, we're a company that moves literally scores of millions of dollars worth of pianos each year, will move your grand piano (up to 6') anyplace within a 5 mile radius of the New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles offices for a price of $495.00. Of course at this price, we cannot include stairs, steps, "key-end elevator tips," etc., but a standard "straight-in and straight-out" job will be undertaken excellently for $495.00. (Naturally, we regularly do all kinds of piano moving, regardless of distance, difficulty, number of flights of stairs or negative moving contingencies. This specially priced type of job must occur during the hours of 9-4 M-F. (Higher Weekend & Holiday Rates Apply!) Call 800 367 0777 for a quotation, or get an Online Quotation by visiting this link :


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