- Our Concert Piano Technicians Service Your Piano in Your Home Or Facility -

- Grand Piano Action Regulation, Tone Regulation, Concert Voicing, and Tuning to Concert Standards -

Scope of work includes (but is not limited to) the following: Tightening All Action Screws, Hammer Re-Shaping, Lubricating all Friction Points, Easing Key Bushings, Easing Balance Rail Holes, Determining Key Level and Laying The Touch, Adjusting Repetition Tension, Let Off, Drop, and Back Check, Fitting Hammers To Strings, Regulating Dampers, Regulating Pedals and Lyre Mechanism, Tone Regulating, Tuning to Concert Standards, and Voicing. (Whew!!!!!!! I've got to raise prices.)

This extremely professional, concert caliber approach to grand piano action and tone regulation, voicing and tuning, is exactly the type of service Pro Piano administers to its own fleet of concert instruments. Ideally, said service should be undertaken once per year. However, even if it's been many years since the work was last undertaken, the enormous improvement you'll experience is bound to be pleasantly shocking!!!

The general scope of work as detailed will take two full days of intense work at your piano. (In some instances, the age of your piano, its general condition, length of time since the work was last performed, etc., may indicate the job will require an additional day of work. In that case, the price will increase by $695.00. However, Pro Piano technicians are also expert at "making the job fit the time," so if budgetary restraints are an issue, we will do our best to get everything completed within the two-day price-plan umbrella.)

Since 1969, Pro Piano has provided concert and home tuning, regulating, and voicing services to many of the world's greatest artists. Coast to Coast, conservatory students, serious amateurs, semi-professionals, beginners, etc., are welcome and invited to partake of our services.

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