Let Pro Piano Crate, Package & Prepare Your Piano
So That It Gets From Here to There<p>
(Cross Country, Europe, Asia, South America,<p>
Australia,) and Beyond!  We'll do the job with<p>
an eye toward Safety!  Reliability!! & Professionalism!!!

This Piano Crating and Packaging Service is primarily intended for transcontinental and Trans-Oceanic piano travel by sea or air cargo container.

Pro Piano's in-shop craftsmen will see to all details of fabrication, preparation, packaging, padding, insulating and fitting the crate properly so that your piano's journey, whether around the block or around the world, begins and ends in a safe and secure manner.

Each Wooden Crate is tailored and custom-made so that your piano is properly transported in a safe, secure and weather resistant manner.

Quoted Price is for a grand piano not exceeding 6', and/or an upright not exceeding 52". OF COURSE we crate all other sizes too. Generally speaking, add 15% per additional foot for grand pianos. Prices do not include moving the piano from your location to our facilities, nor does it include transportation from our facilities to the airport or ocean cargo port of your choice. OF COURSE, Pro Piano will happily undertake these services, but they will be undertaken at prevailing transportation rates. Said rates and general discussions of your planned transportation adventure will be happily entertained by calling 800 367 0777 or eMailing quotation@propiano.com


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