CD Pack Esther Budiardjo Two (2) Big Hits

Esther Budiardjo Two (2) Pack, Big Hits

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Esther Budiardjo's TWO BIG releases, at one low price

What you get:

Godowsky: Jave Suite, Tansman: from "Novelettes"
Leopld Godowsky: Javea Suite
World Premier Recording

One of The Number One Worldwide Hits Among Independent Classical Labels

Part I. Gamelan

Wayang - Purwa (Puppet Shadow Plays)
Hari Besaar (The Great Day)
Part II. Chattering Monkeys at the Sacred Lake of Wendit
Boro Budur in Moonlight
The Bromo Volcano and the Sand Sea at Daybreak
Part III. Three Dances
I. Moderato
II. L'istesso tempo
III. Doppio movimento
The Gardens of Guitenzorg*
In the Streets of Old Batavia
Part IV. In the Kraton
The Ruined Water Castle at Djokja
A Court Pageant in Solo

Alexandre Tansman:
from "Novellettes" World Premiere Recording
No.3 Exotique (Danse Javanaise)
from "Le tour de monde en miniature" World Premier Recording
No. 9 La flûte de bambou dans la forêt de Bandoeng (Java)
No. 10 Le Gamelang de Bali (Waïang - ThéÃtre d'Ombres


Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847)
Rondo Capriccioso in E Major, Op.14
Fantasy on "The Last Rose of Summer", Op.15
Fantasy in F-sharp Minor, Op.28
· Con moto agitato - Andante
· Allegro con moto
· Presto
Six Songs Without Words (Book II), Op.30
· No.1 in E-flat Major Andante espressivo
· No.2 in B-flat Minor Allegro di molto
· No.3 in E Major Adagio non troppo
· No.4 in B Minor Agitato e con fuoco
· No.5 in D Major Andante grazioso
· No.6 in F-sharp Minor Allegro tranquillo (Venetian Gondola Song)
Six Songs Without Words (Book V), Op.62
· No.1 in G Major Andante espressivo
· No.2 in B-flat Major Allegro con fuoco
· No.3 in E Minor Andante maestoso (Funeral March)
· No.4 in G Major Allegro con anima
· No.5 in A Minor Andante con moto (Venetian Gondola Song)
· No.6 in A Major Allegretto grazioso (Spring Song)
Three Etudes, Op.104, Part II
· No.1 in B-flat Minor Presto
· No.2 in F Major Allegro con moto
· No.3 in A Minor Allegro VIVACE
Etude in F Minor

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